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Doodle 60 | Leap Day


Doodle 60 | Leap Day

As you may know, today is leap day. That got me wondering, why is it that every 4th year is referred to as a leap year? Every year we leap over February 29th as if it never existed, so shouldn’t the “normal” years of 365 days be considered leap years and this year be considered a normal year?

Happy Leap Day!

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Doodle 59 | Walk


Doodle 59 | Walk

I was job shadowing at 5 Star Development which was located right by the river. It was a nice sunny day so afterwards I decided to take a walk along the river-walk.

Doodle 58 | New Pens


Doodle 58 | New Pens

In a phenomenal change of events my sister got me two packs of Pilot pens for my birthday! What a wonderful gift. 6 black pens and 6 colored pens is much better than 1 black pen that was nearly out of ink. All things happen for a reason.

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Doodle 57 | Birthday


Doodle 57| Birthday

Ok so today is my birthday and this is a happy picture, BUT..As I’ve stated I’m drawing these pictures in advanced for this week and this was published automatically. Also I’ve been having some rotten luck so maybe this picture won’t be quite accurate with how my birthday actually goes.

Doodle 56 | Cruel World


Doodle 56 | Cruel World

It sure is a cruel world. As you know I lost my pen, my computers broke, my camera is broke and I have no access to a scanner. Well things were picking up, I found a nice pen and went to make today’s doodle and SNAP! As soon as I put the pen to the paper it broke. I’ve had this pen for over a year now and all of a sudden it just breaks on me at such an important time. Whats going on here???

Doodle 55 | Vacation


Doodle 55 |Vacation

Not really a vacation but I’m on spring break. The only issues: I won’t have a scanner with me. My camera is broken. And my computer is broken. Oh yeah, and my pen is lost 😦 So I’m not really sure what to do here. I’ve set up a few posts to be published in the future automatically but that only gets me through Sunday. Hopefully I can work this out without skipping a beat. If I can’t get to publishing on Monday I’ll still make a doodle and post them the following week. Sorry in advance if this doesn’t go well.

Doodle 54 | Sad Face


Doodle 54 | Sad

RIP pen. On day 35 I found a V5 Hi-Tecpoint Pilot Pen and have been using it to make all of my doodles. It was a wonderful pen. I cherished it for nearly 3 weeks. I lost it last night after a doodle. I don’t think I misplaced it. I believe I left it in a computer lab and someone snagged it. Hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I did and use it for good. I found it. I lost it. Now it’s someone else’s time. So today I did the doodle with your average Bic Ultra (that I just picked up in a lost and found for this doodle). Its not good for doodling. It doesn’t allow for smooth straight lines and it lets the ink blot at some spots and then doesn’t dry right away. I’m afraid of getting the wet ink on the scanner so hopefully I can find something better for tomorrow.