Doodle 54 | Sad Face


Doodle 54 | Sad

RIP pen. On day 35 I found a V5 Hi-Tecpoint Pilot Pen and have been using it to make all of my doodles. It was a wonderful pen. I cherished it for nearly 3 weeks. I lost it last night after a doodle. I don’t think I misplaced it. I believe I left it in a computer lab and someone snagged it. Hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I did and use it for good. I found it. I lost it. Now it’s someone else’s time. So today I did the doodle with your average Bic Ultra (that I just picked up in a lost and found for this doodle). Its not good for doodling. It doesn’t allow for smooth straight lines and it lets the ink blot at some spots and then doesn’t dry right away. I’m afraid of getting the wet ink on the scanner so hopefully I can find something better for tomorrow.


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