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Doodle 91 | Walking


Doodle 91 | Walking

This is a frame-by-frame animation of a walking character. Took about 30 minutes actually. I like the “sloppy” look of frame by frame drawings over the smoother tweens and what not. It gives it more of a flip book feel to it.


Doodle 90 | Pigtails


Doodle 90 | Pigtails

Today I gave myself a minute and came up with this fine young lady. Its not the best doodle I’ve ever made but hey, this blog is to practice doodling. I guess this pigtail girl goes nicely with the mullet boy. They seem like they’d be happy together.

Have I ever drawn something that wasn’t a human or somewhat anthropomorphic ??

Doodle 89 | Mullet


Doodle 89 | Mullet

I was following Von Holdt’s blog and found that he used a technique he got from Jeff Gregory’s blog of rolling a die and using that number to determine how many minutes you have to make your doodle. I liked the idea but decided I wanted to do it faster! So I found a site that generates a random number and I sent the range from 1-60. I figured I could do a doodle in 1 second or 1 minute, but the generator gave me a six so I had 6 seconds. Well, sure enough I ran out of time after the eyes and the mouth and wanted to do more! So I gave myself a minute and finished this guy up. I felt like he needed a mullet. Man I wish those were the norm.. He kind of looks like MacGyver as a kid!

Doodle 88 | Texting


Doodle 88 | Texting

I really wanted to do one more illustration of hands; this time holding an object. So I went with texting. Its not that great but its practice.  Tomorrow we will resume our regularly scheduled nonsense doodles 🙂

Doodle 87 | Hands


Doodle 87 | Hands

I want to learn how to draw hands. Proper hands! Not my little mitten hands. So I googled for tips and found myself at tomrichmond with a great page about drawing hands. Most of the little tips like where the knuckles are, how they look, where creases are, etc. I understand and know, but its just so freaking hard to draw them properly. I’m not going to give up. I’ll keep trying, but in the end I may always end up using my little mitten hands.

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Doodle 86 | Cassette Tape


Doodle 86 | Cassette Tape

This weekend I made a few mixtapes with some cassettes of classic rock songs. I played it on a boom box in my friend’s backyard, had some drinks, ate some peanuts, and enjoyed the great weather. The music and weather must have made for something special, by the night was over I think I might have had at least 10 people stop by to join in. I think I’m on to something..

Doodle 85 | Knock at the Door


Doodle 85 | Knock at the Door

This is another Don Hertzfeldt impression I did a few years back. This animated picture doesn’t do the actual animation justice. Check out the real animation with audio here. Enjoy!