Doodle 89 | Mullet


Doodle 89 | Mullet

I was following Von Holdt’s blog and found that he used a technique he got from Jeff Gregory’s blog of rolling a die and using that number to determine how many minutes you have to make your doodle. I liked the idea but decided I wanted to do it faster! So I found a site that generates a random number and I sent the range from 1-60. I figured I could do a doodle in 1 second or 1 minute, but the generator gave me a six so I had 6 seconds. Well, sure enough I ran out of time after the eyes and the mouth and wanted to do more! So I gave myself a minute and finished this guy up. I felt like he needed a mullet. Man I wish those were the norm.. He kind of looks like MacGyver as a kid!


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