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Doodle 121 | Elated


Doodle 121 | Elated

I love drawing happy faces.  They are fun to do, they’re almost impossible to mess up (just don’t draw a frown), and they always make me happy. I think I already titled a doodle Happy, so I’ll have to do a synonym for this and all of the future happy doodles. Today we’ll go with elated.

marked by high spirits

[UPDATE] I don’t have a previous doodle titled Happy, I do have one with the title of Happy Guy. Either way, we’re sticking with Elated.


Doodle 120 | Gremlin?


Doodle 120 | Gremlin?

I’m not sure what this is.  My guess is a gremlin.  Hmmm, I guess the ears of a gremlin grow outward and not up, so I don’t know what this thing is. Maybe a dog, but that’s boring.  What do you think?  I’m gonna name him Kastro.

Doodle 119 | Cheers


Doodle 119 | Cheers

Today I had a bottle of a local beer, Duquesne Pilsener. It has a happy guy saluting with a glass of suds up in the air.  Like I said, he was happy, so I immediately had to draw it. My guy looks nothing like the actual mascot other than the pose.  Nonetheless this would be on all of my bottles if I ever had a brewery.  I wanted to call this doodle Salute, but Cheers sounds alright for this one. Maybe I can do a salute some other time.

Doodle 118 | Bertrand Russell


Doodle 118 | Bertrand Russell

I was looking through the logic book today and got very VERY bored and began to draw this guy in the book.  I don’t know who he is other than his name in the caption.  His name is Bertrand Russell, but other than that I’m not sure who he is, I guess he’s a philosopher. For some reason he turned out looking like Prince Charles or something. Happy doodles.

Doodle 116 | Studying


Doodle 116 | Studying

It’s finals week here at school.  Everyone is studying (Me:Not so much).  I am working on projects more than I am studying.  My first final is tomorrow which is for logic, I’ll have to put some work on that tonight. And my last test is for media law, I’ll have to study a lot for that one.  But in between all of that I have a few projects to do, one of which will be a portfolio.  I’m most interested in that but I also have to make a web app for another class and write a few papers here and there and then I’ll be done for the summer.