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These are all of my personal favorites that I dont get sick of looking at

Doodle 119 | Cheers


Doodle 119 | Cheers

Today I had a bottle of a local beer, Duquesne Pilsener. It has a happy guy saluting with a glass of suds up in the air.  Like I said, he was happy, so I immediately had to draw it. My guy looks nothing like the actual mascot other than the pose.  Nonetheless this would be on all of my bottles if I ever had a brewery.  I wanted to call this doodle Salute, but Cheers sounds alright for this one. Maybe I can do a salute some other time.


Doodle 113 | Dog Pals


Doodle 113 | Dog Pals

I’m having a fun day today so I decided to crack open the coloring book to add to the excitement.  The book I chose was all about baby animals although its about 75% filled with only penguins.  I found a page with dogs and thought they’d do well.  This one makes me think of summer as a kid without a care in the world.

Doodle 105 | Banana


Doodle 105 | Banana

My mom used to always draw on my bananas. Funny faces, telephone buttons, etc. I always enjoyed that. Today when I sat down to doodle I couldn’t think of anything good so to get myself going I grabbed the banana on my desk to get the mind flowing. Then I figured why not just use that for today’s doodle. The reason he looks frightened and his hands are up is because he’s being pressed against the glass on the scanner with the lid squeezing down on him.

Doodle 101 | Goldfish


Doodle 101 | Goldfish

I rarely draw fish but when I do I draw them with a side profile so today I wanted to draw one looking right at you. I know it looks like he’s frowning but that’s how their mouths are, they just open from the bottom. To me he looks happy!

Doodle 100 | 100!!!


Doodle 100 | 100!!!

We made it to 100 doodles! I’d like to thank you all for helping my small blog grow. The first month we got 250 views and now we are able to do that weekly. I can’t thank you enough. Just last month we broke 1000 visits and this month I’m sure we will cripple that number. I couldn’t have done it without you all. Special thanks to the daily visitors that comment and like my doodles, you are a great driving force even in your small numbers. I greatly appreciate it. Also to note, today is the 100th day of the year, go celebrate! 🙂