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Doodle 120 | Gremlin?


Doodle 120 | Gremlin?

I’m not sure what this is.  My guess is a gremlin.  Hmmm, I guess the ears of a gremlin grow outward and not up, so I don’t know what this thing is. Maybe a dog, but that’s boring.  What do you think?  I’m gonna name him Kastro.


Doodle 101 | Goldfish


Doodle 101 | Goldfish

I rarely draw fish but when I do I draw them with a side profile so today I wanted to draw one looking right at you. I know it looks like he’s frowning but that’s how their mouths are, they just open from the bottom. To me he looks happy!

Doodle 49 | Snapping Turtle


Doodle 49 | Snapping Turtle

Just a dumb pun. As you can see I still cant draw hands/fingers, thats why almost all of my recent doodles have been people with round hands with no fingers. Its a nice style but I wish I could get better at fingers sooner or later.