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Doodle 121 | Elated


Doodle 121 | Elated

I love drawing happy faces.  They are fun to do, they’re almost impossible to mess up (just don’t draw a frown), and they always make me happy. I think I already titled a doodle Happy, so I’ll have to do a synonym for this and all of the future happy doodles. Today we’ll go with elated.

marked by high spirits

[UPDATE] I don’t have a previous doodle titled Happy, I do have one with the title of Happy Guy. Either way, we’re sticking with Elated.


Doodle 47 | Toaster


Doodle 47 | Toaster

Here’s the scoop when it comes to today’s doodle. It was raining today so I wanted to draw a depressed person holding an umbrella in the rain. But that fell through, I kept messing it up. So then I went to a depressed person laying on the ground. Then I did a variation with them holding a pillow. Then in the pillow sketch I added a line to the frown to make a smile (I can never resist that. I love drawing smiles). Sure enough I really liked it. There was only one problem, It didn’t like the pillow. So I wanted to put something else in it’s place. I immediately thought of The Brave Little Toaster, and there you have it.