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Doodle 125 | Sun


Doodle 125 | Sun

I was going through stumble upon and saw a picture of a sun that looks like this.  To me it looked like a psychedelic sun and I wanted to do one of my own.  I decided to use a lot of bright, contrasting colors with the blue and orange, green and red. In the end I used a lot of crayons actually and the paper is extremely waxy. But I like it that way.


Doodle 124 | Sunset


Doodle 124 | Sunset

I think I may finish out the week with some crayon work. This is just a romantic scene in the ocean, lake, whatever, at an evening sunset.

Doodle 59 | Walk


Doodle 59 | Walk

I was job shadowing at 5 Star Development which was located right by the river. It was a nice sunny day so afterwards I decided to take a walk along the river-walk.