Name: Pack

Favorite artists: David Shrigley, Don Hertzfeldt, Yotam Perel, Nelson Provazi, Paul Neave, Norman Rockwell, and Von Holdt, who inspired me to do my own daily doodle blog.

Music: The Beatles, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Citizen Cope, Tom Petty, Death, Beastie Boys, and 2 Live Crew.

Sports: I like to watch football. I used to play baseball. I still play basketball and volleyball on a regular basis. My favorite NFL team has 6 Super Bowls, & my favorite baseball team hasn’t won a World Series in over a century.

Movies: I don’t like action movies. I find the dialogue and explosions to be extremely boring. I like comedies and scary movies but I haven’t seen a good one of those in ages. I like sports movies and almost every movie based off of an individuals real life. My favorites are Stand by Me, Lion King, Toy Story, The Brave Little Toaster, My Girl, and Shawshank Redemption.

TV: I like the classics. Seinfeld, MacGyver, Home Improvement, The Simpsons, Jeopardy, Raw, Everybody Loves Raymond & The Office. I’m mostly a sitcom guy I guess.



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